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Web Design and Development

3W Studios optimizes user experience by integrating visual design with content architecture, creating websites that engage, educate and motivate. By creating a compelling web platform intended to facilitate your business or organization’s goals, your site’s visitors dig further, stay on the site longer, and make contact.  Maximizing information gained during those visits through analytics and strategic response is our goal.

Website Design Solutions

3W Studios focuses on holistic design, creating a marriage of the visual, structural and technical to produce the most effective website possible. We approach design simultaneously considering the user experience and the internal workings of the site.

The user’s experience should be interactive, stimulating and rewarding. Content should be readily accessible and logically organized. A website should be engineered to complement that experience, yet also to address issues of efficiency and accessibility. We produce hand-written code that not only appears attractively in a browser but also is also readable by older or different user-agents, such as speech browsers or search engine spiders.

Our programmers are our designers. We do not differentiate between the visual and structural design – our artistic skills are bolstered by years of technical problem-solving experience on the web. We have extensive knowledge of standards-compliant mark-up language (HTML, CSS) and programming language (PHP, asp, CGI, JavaScript).

The harmony we achieve produces sites that people remember and compliment, and most importantly get results for our clients. They are clean and easy to maintain, quick to serve, and still soundly based on the principles of good visual communication.

Content Management Systems (CMS):
Word Press & Drupal

3W Studios has implemented a number of CMS solutions for different clients, each with different levels of complexity. Depending on the client’s requirements or stipulations, we install or recommend software that best provides site-wide CMS functionality specific to the client’s needs.

Generally, the more editing control is built into the system, the more rigid the page template must be. A good CMS divorces content from design; an editor can change the content of the page but cannot change the overall visual template, color scheme, spacing or other design elements and parameters.

3W Studios most often deploys Word Press or Drupal, open-source CMS tools. 3W Studios prefers open-source software for several reasons. There are no outrageous licensing costs and open-source allows customization of the product to fit the solution, creating the perfect fit of your site design to your needs. These open-source software solutions attract an expansive support community, providing expansion opportunity and instant knowledge base without lengthy training or additional support fees.3WStudios has used these CMS solutions on thousands of websites of all sizes, and we have a proven track record. Both Word Press and Drupal are actively supported with updates and patches, so that site security is kept up to date. Both CMS systems offer hundreds of modules and plug-ins to extend the capability of the systems.

Web Design and Development Projects