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Alton Worldwide

Alton Worldwide is a business consulting company that works with companies who need help growing their business. The company specializes in different areas including consulting, mergers and acquisition, raising capital, business development, new market entry, strategy building, turnarounds, branding and marketing, and value creation. The company has more than 20 years of experience. Kidd Group rebranded Alton Group in Alton Worldwide to better represent the services the company offers. To support the work, Kidd Group provided social media services and public relations to increase the company’s footprint in the industry. Kidd Group/3W Studios designed and developed the Alton Worldwide Website in Drupal. The design incorporates a diverse array of cultures since Alton Worldwide has worked all over the world, with strong ties to its headquartered location in Miami. In addition, 3W Studios implemented a full SEO strategy that elevated Alton in the Google Rankings. The site is mobile friendly and is currently hosted and maintained by 3W Studios.