How Do You Reach Millennials?

eaking Through Noise that Millennials Have Learned to Ignore

millenialsAs a 21 year old, I fall into this tech savvy, hyper-connected, social media crazed demographic. Although, I’m not sure I fit perfectly into each category, as millennials, we are different. We have never known a time without the internet. We have a desire to stay informed. We obsess over our digitally cluttered lives. The ability for brands to connect with the millennial generation is vital to their existence. Here are some ideas and tips on reaching millennials, from what better source than a millennial.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid 

Millennials love to follow trends, but these trends change quickly, like for instance YouTube celebrities. These are people devoted to posting videos in order to create a following. From singers and dancers to girls teaching ways to apply makeup, YouTube stars are extremely popular. Millennials follow popular YouTube personalities and for some, they are more important than mainstream celebrities. Therefore, it is important to take risks and stray away from the norm. Strive to be a trend setter.

  1. Break Through








Millennials love their social media and the constant routine of checking for the latest posts. With heavy usage, clutter will arise. In order to break through, make sure you are the first thing they see in the morning and the last thing they see before bed. Get your brand out there. Millennials love easy and quick accessibility. They will always click the first search result on Google and dread going to page 2. If you aren’t easy to find, they won’t look for you.

  1. Be Memorable 

Not only do you need to be seen, you must be remembered. Even with a constant flow of information, unless you appeal to millennials, they will forget you. In order to become memorable your brand must be creative, fun, and relevant. Millennials do not want to read or hear about a brand that is outdated. Update your technology and social media in order to connect with them. Most importantly, create something they will want to share with others.

Reaching millennials might seem like a challenge, completely against the grain, or reaching out into the unknown, but it will pay off. Get involved with what matters to them. Whether it is social media or donating to a cause, stay up to date with what they care about. While there are numerous ways of connecting with millennials, it is important to find a way that works. After all, we are your next costumers.