Hey Siri, Is It Apple Season?

Surprise, surprise: for those of you who haven’t heard, Apple just came out with more new products! As if people weren’t already attached to technology enough, they are introducing new iPhones, iPads, and a whole new Apple TV. Sorry parents, but you are going to need to start figuring out how to work these things whether you like it or not, because they are taking over!

The new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are about to hit the market! My guess is by 2020, you won’t be cool unless you have the latest iPhone100 Plus. These new phones finally have a 3D touch capability, which means that you can apply different amounts of force onto the screen (light taps, regular taps, or deep taps) to produce various new options that weren’t available before. These new “deep taps” that require more forceful pressing (holding your finger on the screen for roughly 3 seconds) integrate short cuts such as being able to preview an email without fully opening it; previewing messages; pressing on a destination in Maps and immediately receiving step-by-step directions; switching between apps, and other cool little tricks. I know; sounds confusing without a visual to explain it. Here is a video to get a better idea of how the different tapping works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3yyNzRxh74

iphone At the event a new camera feature was unveiled that allows you to make your own Gif-like recordings! The higher quality 12MP camera lets you take “live images” and snap multiple photos in a row, which then come to life in an animation that you can attach an audio to. This is a huge new technology that has never been available on a phone before, and will allow people to enjoy hours on end of fun and entertainment. Apple has changed the game for social media and pictures, as they add a feature that I foresee will be just as popular as Snapchat. I think Apple is trying to ruin my GPA with all these distractions they are adding.

iphone2The new iPad Pro that was presented is thinner, lighter, has a larger viewing screen and offers many new features. As if we didn’t already spend enough time fooling around on various Apple apps, this new and improved tablet allows you to run two Apps simultaneously next to each other. Now I can creep on people’s Facebook pictures and see what they have been doing on Twitter simultaneously, it’s like a dream come true! It also has an enhanced front and back camera, louder speakers, 10 hour battery life and more storage.

The event showcased new accessories to go with the new iPad pro, which includes a magnetic case that provides a keyboard and stilt to let the iPad stand upright. Another cool extra is the new stylus called the Apple Pencil, which will have incredible precision and essentially be accurate “to the pixel”.

iphone3 The new Apple TV unveiled at the event included plenty of new games, as well as a brand new motion sensor remote that allows you to scroll through Netflix and other websites by swiping your fingers on the remote. Siri will also be included, and she can help you find a specific genre or show.

For example you could say “Show me anything with Jennifer Anniston” or “Show me the movie where Adam Sandler has to retake every grade and pass them in 24 weeks” and within seconds a variety of choices between movies and TV shows starring Jennifer Anniston, or the classic Billy Madison movie will appear at your leisure. Once again, Apple trying to ruin my GPA. I’m going to have a field day watching the endless movies that the famous duo Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson star in together.

iphone4 Although they didn’t spend as much time on these items, there were updates to the iPad mini 4 which now has as much power as the iPad Air 2, and they showed off new gold and rose gold designer bands for the Apple watches.

Apple has really outdone themselves this time, once again. Their goal is to dominate the technology world, and they are definitely succeeding. If you aren’t on the Apple bandwagon yet, I suggest you hop on if you don’t want your social life to go down the drain. These new products come on the market late September and early November, so get your wallets ready!