The #Smartwatch #Takeover is coming whether Anyone Likes it or Not

aw1It’s been almost two months since Christmas, and Tim Cook is still not disclosing how many Apple Watches were sold during the holiday season or even since they were released on April 20th of 2015. While we don’t know what the numbers are, we do know that some companies like H Moser, a high-end Swiss watchmaking company, are making a mockery of the wearable technology by coming out with their own “Alp Watch” and are snubbing Apple’s “more than just fashionable” pieces on Twitter.  Fortunately for me, I was one of the undisclosed recipients of an Apple Watch for Christmas thanks to my Apple aficionado father who felt it was a perfect present for a 26-year-old professional like myself, and I will give credit where it is due- He was right!

The Apple Watch has become essential to my everyday existence similar to wearing clothes, eating and carrying my cell phone constantly.  It helps me never miss a call by sending annoying haptics on my wrist until I hit ignore or decide to answer. (If you have a little sister, you probably know the feeling I’m talking about)  It’s very helpful and helps me avoid missing any important phone calls or texts that come in (a little sister can’t help with that).

aw2In addition to phone calls, the watch helps me track my daily activity and overall health.  It records how much exercise I get, how many calories I burn, and also reminds me that I need to stand up for at least one minute each hour.  At the end of the week, it also gives me an overall summary of if I’ve reached my goal and if I would like to change it.  In my opinion, this is Apple’s way of shaming me for my laziness and telling me that I need to work out more, but it is beneficial to know why my pants are getting tighter. (Less cupcakes and more exercise maybe?)

There are many other amazing features that are included with the watch.  I use the GPS feature which is set up on my phone but gives me alerts via the watch, which results in me almost never missing a turn thanks to those annoying little haptics that tell you it is time to turn (similar to the backseat driver in your car). Other features include the ability to switch songs, check your calendar and even see how your stocks are doing all with the swipe of the watch face.  The trick is that your watch must be near your phone and connected.

aw3Moser has started a new campaign for the “Swiss Alp” watch that includes tweets thatpoint out all the features their watch doesn’t have and the fact that the only feature it does have is displaying the time. These tweets have garnered attention and caused quite a stir among the media, but I don’t believe their tactics will move these watches. An important aspect to note is this watch costs $25,000! Consumers that would pay $25,000 for a watch are not the primary target for an Apple watch. Consumers who are willing to pay between $200 and $500 are the target for Apple and the company successfully put a dent in the Swiss Watch industry by providing them with the biggest decline in sales they’ve experience in six years according to a report in Bloomberg.  Cook has also stated that the Apple watch sells more units with each quarter and shows no sign of slowing down.
On March 15th, it is expected that Apple will release the next-generation Apple Watch, which may include more health features, the ability to make and receive Facetime calls on the watch face and new Wi-fi capabilities that will allow the user to do more without a connection to an iPhone.  As the excitement builds in anticipation for the new Apple watch, it appears as though we can expect a Smart Watch takeover coming and companies like H. Moser can’t stop it.