The Future of Technology Today…. Actually All this Week!

What innovative technology will we see this week at the CES in Las Vegas

blogpostThe International Consumer Electronics Show might sound obscure to most people outside of the techie circles or to those who simply don’t care about trade shows. However, the show also known as CES, has for decades been a breeding ground for innovative technology that can and has changed our daily lives.

A practical world’s fair for electronics, gadgets and devices, the trade show has hosted debut demonstrations for many different products. For example, the first VCR and camcorder were both unveiled at this show. CES also hosted the reveals for technologies including HDTV, Plasma TV, Blu-ray, OLED TV, and 3DTV. Microsoft’s juggernaut of a video gaming console, Xbox, was first presented at CES by Bill Gates and The Rock in 2001.

With so many technologies and innovations being revealed throughout the show’s nearly fifty year history, many news outlets are watching eagerly to see what tech giants and major electronics companies will demo in Las Vegas from January 6th through the 9th. Although it’s not open to the general public, a mere cursory glance at the news coverage from major outlets like ABC News and BBC or a quick peek at the frenzied postings of journalists on tech blogs like Gizmodo or TechRadar will tell you all you need to know about what’s in-store for this year. We expect to see products of the future that can change our lives in some of the most unpredictable ways.

We’re excited to what’s in store over the next couple of days.