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Newsletter: August 2004

In this issue:

Guest Editor's Note: Friday the 13th

That infamous date lived up to its reputation this month as Hurricane Charley made its way across the state, and directly through Central Florida. In its wake, it left significant property damage, hundreds of thousands without power, and schools closed for over a week. I'm glad to say 3W Studios survived unscathed, but the Orlando office certainly had its share of dangerous weather.

Michael Chiaro, Regional Director

Feature: Charley Storms Through Orlando

Hurricane Charley gave everyone in Florida a reminder of how deadly the weather can be. In the worst-hit areas there are still some 57,000 residents without electricity, not to mention the 750 or so still living in shelters. Even for those of us fortunate enough to be a safe distance from the storm, the definite impact of Charley could still be felt.

As the work week began, 3W Studios was called upon to help several of our clients make emergency updates to their sites as Charley altered their plans and disrupted their business. We worked closely with them to post time-sensitive information related to the storm.

For information on how you can help the victims of Hurricane Charley, a useful resource is the "Hot Topics" section of the American Institute of Philanthrophy. There are good tips on how to be sure your help is going to the people who need it.

Other useful links:
Hurricane Charley Relief Fund
Volunteer Florida
Information Regarding Hurricane
Financial Assistance for Floridians

American Red Cross Chapters of Florida
Florida Disaster Web Site

Launch News: St. John's Expands Online Ministry

St. John's Episcopal Church of Tallahassee has launched a redesign of its web presence. With a large and active congregation, the church has found its website was increasingly unable to meet their needs. Enter 3W Studios and our custom solutions department.


As well as the obvious visual redesign, we implemented a tailor-made site management solution that lets church staff make their own updates. Now each ministry can develop needed web content, while at the same time working within a consistent global environment. St John's is celebrating its 175th anniversary this fall (although the previous website was not quite that old). We are thrilled to have been able to provide this historic church with its latest modernity.

You can learn more about the church and its work at

Other News: ADA Compliance Not Optional

You may be aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You probably know it in reference to wheelchair ramps in front of your office, or hand rails in the bathroom. If you did ever consider it in reference to the web, you probably thought it only applied to other sites, certainly not your own. Well, take note of news from New York. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has successfully enforced the act in reference to two corporate websites. and have agreed to change their sites to make them accessible to speech readers and other non-typical browsers.

For a more in-depth article on this subject, see Excite News.

Of course, we hardly need remind you that designing websites for accessibility is one of our core services. If you are interested in an ADA compliance audit, contact us for a report on how your site rates.