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Global Conscience Green Hosting

At 3W Studios, we are doing our part to look after the world we live in. By existing and operating online, we already have reduced need for resources, except for that key ingredient: electricity. And that means we help create carbon dioxide. If you still do not buy in to the global warming theory, please think again. Living in Florida as we do, we're quite sensitive to certain atmospheric phenomena. The warming oceans might not be solely responsible for the monster hurricanes of recent years, or then again...

We are partners in the EPA Green Power Partnership; this means we buy local green power as part of our energy portfolio. Our current green mix includes the following:

This program allows us to offer green hosting by covering the energy used by one of our server environments. If you see one of the banners shown on this page, then you know that website is hosted within that environment, and the energy used is offset by production of renewable energy.

We also plant a tree (or several) for each new design project we undertake. Each sapling will go part way toward offsetting the CO2 production involved in creating and maintaining a website. "Hold on," you say, "do trees really help? I thought the oceans did most of the work when it comes to CO2?"

It's true that the oceans remove about a third of CO2 releases each year by human activity; however, we have yet to come across a successful phytoplankton farming program. Forests actually account for 80% of the CO2 exchange between the land and the atmosphere; and apart from their absorbing qualities, trees create great green spaces for people and animals. When was the last time you took the family out to visit your local phytoplankton?

Let your visitors know your site uses sustainable energy: add a banner to your site that links to this page explaining our services. Available in three convenient sizes.

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Green Hosting by 3W Studios

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Green Hosting by 3W Studios

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Green Hosting by 3W Studios

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Think Globally

As a division of Kidd Group, 3W Studios is a member of the EPA's Green Power Partnership. Kidd Group has committed to purchase a percentage of its energy from sustainable and renewable resources.

Green Power Partner Co-op America's Business Seal of Approval